Liability Coverage for UCLA Volunteers

An individual qualifies for coverage under UCLA's volunteer insurance programs, if all of the following requirements are met:

  • The service is performed by the individual for the primary benefit of the University of California
  • The individual is not paid to perform the service (expenses may be reimbursed)
  • The service does not involve participation in athletic activities
  • The service is not performed for academic credit or to receive or qualify for some type of certification or accreditation
  • The service is provided under the supervision of UCLA faculty and/or staff
  • The service is not performed as an alternative to a civil or criminal fine or penalty or serving a jail sentence
  • Unless prior written approval is obtained from the Office of Insurance and Risk Management (OIRM), the service must be performed on University premises or in the greater Los Angeles area by persons eighteen (18) years of age or older, and cannot involve overnight travel.


Departments are responsible for keeping records of dates, periods of service and duties of authorized volunteers.

Departments must provide appropriate volunteer supervision and safety training in order to reduce the risk of injuries. IRM provides this training. Please inquire with us.