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Property Insurance Programs at UCLA

Property Programs pay to repair or replace various types of University property that has been damaged or stolen. Deductibles, types of incidents covered, methods for securing coverage and premiums differ by program. Please refer to the related articles for further information on each type of insurance.

Insurance & Risk Management (IRM) administers the following programs for UCLA. Because each type of property has different characteristics, IRM maintains a separate program for each one.

  • Property
  • Auto Property Damage
  • Fine Arts
  • Marine

These programs cover property that is owned by the University. Under certain conditions, property that is in the care and custody of the University may also be covered by the property programs.

Charges to Campus Departments

UCLA participates in the University of California Self-Insurance Property Programs, which includes the All-Risk Property Program and Auto Programs. Presently, premiums are charged only to departments that use the Auto Programs. Please see the article "Departmental Charges for Insurance" for further details. 

For further information, contact the Property and Liability Claims Coordinator at IRM.

To File a Claim

  • If your department has suffered an All-Risk, Fine Arts or Marine Property loss, contact IRM to file a claim at (310) 794-6956.
  • If your department has suffered an Auto Property loss, please report the incident immediately to Fleet Services. The driver of UC vehicle is required to report the incident and have the vehicle(s) involved inspected by Fleet Services within 24 hours of the incident.