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Cyber Insurance

The Office of Risk Services manages the funding and administration of insurance programs for the University of California. Various programs are available to assist in the event of a loss involving Information Technology Hardware and Data. These programs involve purchased insurance policies with various retentions (deductibles). The terms and coverage change frequently due to external market conditions, therefore it is not feasible to provide a complete summary.

Coverage and Covered Parties/Property:

1. Resources and Property Insurance Program - Physical loss or damage to hardware or data

2. Cyber Security and Privacy Liability - Damages and claims expenses that the University is obligated to pay because of an actual or alleged privacy breach, confidentiality breach, security breach or online media activity.

3. Who may be covered - The Regents of the University of California (University), all corporations, partnerships, joint ventures, organizations, and other entities, as have existed or as now or may hereafter exist, or for which it is required to or has agreed to maintain insurance, including any affiliated, associated, allied, and subsidiary entities.