Injury Prevention Committee (IPC)

The Injury Prevention Committee (IPC) is comprised of key members from various departments including Insurance and Risk Management (IRM) and Environment Health & Safety (EH&S) . Since prevention is the most powerful weapon in reducing workers’ compensation costs, this committee was formed to evaluate and review proposals from departments for funding injury prevention programs.

To be considered, proposals submitted to the committee must be loss preventative in nature. This may include, for example, ergonomic improvement for work stations or equipment to reduce materials handling to avoid repetitive injury claims.

IRM staff will also provide an analysis of a department's historical losses to assist with determining an appropriate preventative measure.

Members of the IPC are available to assess material handling practices and identify equipment that may assist departments in lowering the frequency and severity of injuries and subsequent claims. Frequently, the attention given to safe working practices simultaneously improves both work efficiencies and staff morale. In Departments where employees frequently lift and handle materials, IRM and EHS will work with managers, supervisors and staff to evaluate equipment usage patterns, provide assistance in determining whether the existing equipment is the best and most appropriate technology for the task and provide training.  

Costs to supplement program budgets such nas general operating supplies and personal protective and safety equipment that are required by law are not eligible for this program.

To Qualify:

Requests for IPC funds shall be between a minimum of $500 and a maximum of $40,000 for safety projects that focus on occupational safety. IPC Applications must be submitted by May 15th of the fiscal year referenced on the application.

NOTE: Funds may get exhausted prior to this deadline. In those instances, applications are prioritized on a first come first serve basis, and any pending proposals will be considered if additional funds become available.

Application Instructions:

  1. IPC Applications are available via DocuSign under Related Links. To begin, please click on the link and enter the name and email for the following recipients: Application Submitter, Department Manager, and Safety Liaison. Once an application is initiated it can be saved and edited at a later time within DocuSign.
    •  Application Submitter: Completes all questions, attaches the supporting documents (Quote/Estimate or Purchase Order), and signs the application.  
    • Department Manager: Reviews and signs the application to indicate the department's intension to proceed with the project and purchase the items or equipment. Attach additional documents that may assist the IPC when considering the merits of funding the projects. Examples include 3rd party reports, product brochures, or presentations.  
    • Safety Liaison: Reviews and signs the application and provide a safety assessment, or cost-benefit analysis. Safety Liaisons can be EHS Specialist, or non-voting IPC member.
  2. IPC Applications must be submitted one week before the next meeting: December 7, 2022.

  3. IPC Applications will be reviewed by the UCLA Injury Prevention Committee at a scheduled meeting each quarter in the order in which they are received.

    • A short PowerPoint presentation (3-7 slides) outlining the project, it’s history, and potential positive impacts shall be presented by the applicant and/or safety liaison.
  4. Approved awards must be expensed, and transferred by June 15th of the fiscal year in which the IPC Application is submitted. Late financial processing will result in a loss of the award.

For more information concerning this important initiative contact any IPC member:

Injury Prevention Committee Members


Chair - Yensen Lin | Sr. Ergonomic Specialist
Insurance and Risk Management

Co-Chair - Jerry Wilson | Sr. Safety and Risk Control Specialist
Insurance and Risk Management-Driver Safety

Voting Members

Jesse Alberti | Assistant Director, On-Campus Housing Maintenance
Housing and Hospitality Services 

Asim Akhter | Safety Coordinator
David Geffen School of Medicine

Ruth Arnush | Disability Management and Ergonomics Program Manager
Insurance and Risk Management

Kristina Britchford | IBC Manager
Research Policy and Compliance - RSAWA

Vina Chin |  Assistant Dean, Administration & External Relations
School of Dentistry

Sabrina Lux | Chief Administrative Officer
Department of Psychology

Dean Malilay | Director 
Insurance and Risk Management

Neil Mansky | Industrial Hygiene Program Manager
Environment Health and Safety

Lauren Na | Assistant Dean, Academic Personnel & Operations
College of Letters and Sciences

Erin Quinn | Director, Safety, Emergency Preparedness & Building Operations
David Geffen School of Medicine

Bryan Ruiz | Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor
Environment Health and Safety

John Ryan | Finance Manager
Insurance and Risk Management

Justin Wisor | Director of Custodial and Grounds
Facilities Management

Non-Voting Members

Jorge Cisneros | Safety Specialist
Environment Health and Safety

Dianna Cumpian | Workers' Compensation Manager
Insurance and Risk Management

Amanda Cruz | Safety Programs Manager
Environment Health and Safety

Alyssa Hodgson | Safety Specialist
Environment Health and Safety

Michael Ozamoto | Lead Ergonomic Specialist
Insurance and Risk Management - Ergonomics

Adelisa Robles | Safety Specialist
Environment Health and Safety

Estrella Saucedo | Safety Specialist
Environment Health and Safety

Randy Sauser | Sr. Ergonomic Specialist
Insurance and Risk Management - Ergonomics

Jason Zeck | Chief Risk Officer, Assistant Dean of Students
Cultural and Recreational Affairs