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What is Workers' Compensation?

Workers' Compensation is a mandatory coverage that is provided to all eligible employees in California. It is designed to provide employee with immediate medical attention and other benefits when they are injured at work. See UC Workers' Compensation Program for more information.

Who is Covered

Workers' Compensation benefits are afforded to employees of the University whose injury or illness arises out of their employment and occurs during the course and scope of their employment with the University. The definition of "employee" includes the following types of employees:
  • Casual
  • Career
  • Faculty
  • Part-time
  • Other employees who have an appointment in UCPath payroll system
Contractors, vendors and their employees are not employed by the University and therefore not covered under the University's Workers' Compensation Program.


Workers' Compensation provides the following benefits:


Medical treatment reasonably required to cure or relieve the injured employee from the effects of a work-related injury/illness.

Temporary Disability

The weekly benefit paid to partially compensate for the loss of earnings. Paid at the rate of 2/3 of weekly earnings subject to a statutory minimum and maximum. There is a three-day waiting period, unless the employee is hospitalized overnight.

Permanent Disability

If an industrial injury results in a permanent disability determined by the treating physician, an injured worker may be entitled to a permanent disability rating. More information can be found here.

Employee Disability Management Services

Management of the Transitional Return to Work (TRTW) program and assist employees in returning to work after an injury/illness. In some cases, job skills assessment, placement and/or retraining for employees who are not able to return to their job because of their injury may be provided.


Benefits paid to dependents of an employee who loses their life as a result of a work incurred injury or illness.

Charges to Departments

UCLA participates in the University of California Self-Insurance Workers' Compensation program. Instead of purchasing an insurance policy, the UC campuses and medical centers pay self-insurance premiums into a trust fund managed by the Office of the President (UCOP). Each campus pays its share of premiums, which reflect the size and number of claims filed by that location.
UCLA departments are charged for both Workers' Compensation premiums and administrative costs. Please click related links below for further details.