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A contract is any legally enforceable written agreement between The Regents of the University of California and one or more parties.

Business and Finance Bulletin 63 (BFB-BUS-63) establishes the required insurance provisions that must be included in contracts between the University and other parties.  The bulletin also provides general guidelines for minimum insurance requirements to be included in the contract and maintained by the contracting party. 

Contracting at UCLA can be confusing.  UCLA’s Office of Insurance & Risk Management reviews and provides input on the insurance and indemnification language in campus contracts.

For questions about the insurance and indemnification provisions in campus contracts, contact our office at as early as possible during the contracting process.  Provide a copy of the contract or agreement and any other contracting document.

Business & Finance Bulletin (BUS-63) requires that all contractors performing work on behalf of the University demonstrate adequate insurance coverage, evidenced through Certificate(s) of Insurance.  Insurance provides financial backing for the contractor’s promise to indemnify and hold harmless the University from any liabilities that might result from their actions.  For administrative ease, IRM has developed a blanket waiver for all University departments, which certain low-risk vendors are not required to provide insurance.  Blanket Waivers are acceptable if specific requirements are satisfied.