Liability Waivers

Liability Waivers help protect UCLA from legal liability for injuries that may occur to individuals who participate in activities on or off campus.  Waivers may be used as protection from liability for accidents, activities carrying certain inherent risks, and even the negligence of UCLA employees in certain circumstances.  If the participant agrees in advance that the University and its employees are released from liability, recovery for damages is barred.  On this page, you will find the tools you need and answers to questions to successfully collect liability waivers.

  • Types of Waivers
  • There are several categories of Waivers, review UCOP's list of waivers to find the one that is right for you. If you're not sure which one to use, contact Insurance and Risk Management (IRM). You can read more about the purpose of waivers by reading UCOP's Waivers Can Be Savers.

    Important Instructions

    - The size of the type font in the waivers should not be changed, nor should the size of the documents be reduced, nor should the waivers be altered in any other way.
    - Occasionally, someone signs a waiver after crossing out certain portions that they do not like, or they add words to modify the waiver. You should not accept an altered waiver.
    - No one should be allowed to participate in an activity unless he or she submits the signed waiver. A parent or guardian should sign the form if the participant is a minor.
    - For waivers signed by those over 18: Retain waiver records for 5 years.
    - For events involving minors: Retain waiver records 5 years after the minor has turned 18.

  • Collect Waivers Online
  • You are now able to collect general and photo waivers electronically using DocuSign. Start by contacting to create a DocuSign Account for you or your department IT representative. Once you create your UCLA DocuSign account, you may follow these instructions for collecting waivers electronically.