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Insurance Coverage Types for UCLA Volunteers

UCLA offers two types of insurance to cover eligible volunteers:

  • General Liability
  • Worker's Compensation

Each is described below as it relates to volunteers. For more general information on these topics, refer to 'Insurance at UCLA.'

General Liability

Qualified volunteers may be covered by the University's self-insured General Liability Program, BUS 81, when the volunteer is acting within the course of the scope of his/her duties and is acting and under the direct supervision of a University employee. Please reference Section D of the UCLA Administrative Guidelines for the Use of Volunteers.

The determination about whether a volunteer is covered under BUS 81 is made only after a claim is made or a lawsuit is filed.

Workers' Compensation

Qualified volunteers who complete the 'UCLA Volunteer Election of Workers’ Compensation Coverage Form' prior to injury are covered by the University's self-insured Workers' Compensation program for injuries they receive in the course and scope of performing University volunteer service.

The department where the volunteer performs services must retain the original Election form for at least eighteen (18) months after the volunteer's service ends (If the volunteer is a MINOR, the form should be kept for at least two (2) years after the minor's 18th birthday). A copy of the Election form must be filed with the Workers' Compensation Manager in Insurance and Risk Management (IRM).