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Insurance at UCLA

Insurance programs at UCLA fall into five categories:

See the related articles for complete information on each.

UC Student Insurance

Insurance is available for purchase by UC students for Registered Campus Organizations activities, Club Sports, Renters & Tuition insurance. Visit the Marsh Campus Connexions site to apply for these insurance products.
For Registered Campus Organizations and Club Sports, additional time for underwriting may be needed for higher risk activities.  As a result, registered campus organizations are asked to allocate at least three (3) weeks from the first date of the proposed events.  Failure to adequately plan is not grounds for a rush request.  

Vendor and External Users of UCLA Facility Insurance Requirements

The University's Liability Programs do not provide insurance coverage for third parties. When a campus department hires an outside vendor (consultant, independent contractor, etc.), the vendor is required to provide evidence of insurance per UC policy.  The University's insurance broker has arranged an insurance program as a resource to provide insurance to non-University parties. Insurance is available for purchase through Marsh Campus Connexions that satisfies most common insurance requirements.

Please refer to 'BUS 63' and 'Vendor and Service Provider Requirements' links in the 'Related Information' sidebar.

Additionally, external users of UCLA facilities are similarly required to provide evidence of insurance for their activities.  If an external user does not have insurance, insurance is available for purchase through Marsh Campus Connexions under the event liability (non-UC parties) tab.