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How to Establish Loss Controls for Your Department

Insurance and Risk Management's mission is to assist departments in preserving the human and material assets of the University through innovative risk management, risk financing and claims coordination. Towards this end, IRM will deliver quality products and customer service.

Defining Loss Control Needs for Your Area

IRM staff has the expertise to help your unit conduct a loss control analysis of your operations and to assist you in formulating loss control solutions before and after a loss occurs.

IRM can help your unit target loss control efforts by providing you with a history of reported claims and their associated costs. Contact the IRM Program Managers to get started.

Loss Control and Risk Management Training

The best claim is the claim that never happens. By focusing on prevention, the focus shifts towards developing strategies and making choices that eliminate the need for reacting to a crisis in the first place.

Prevention requires a base of knowledge to stay ahead of any crisis. Please contact any of the IRM Program Managers listed in the Staff & Resources Directory for further information on our training offerings and options.