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What to do when a Volunteer is Injured

  • If the volunteer is able to transport themselves and it is during business hours, refer the volunteer to the Occupational Health Facility (OHF) located at 17-240 Center for Health Sciences at 10833 Le Conte Avenue. The UCLA Incident Report & Referral for Medical Treatment form needs to be completed and taken to OHF.
  • If the volunteer is not able to transport themselves to OHF, call a campus ambulance and have the volunteer taken to the Emergency Medical Center. Injured volunteers should be referred to the Emergency Medical Center when OHF is not open.
  • Injured volunteers must be given a Workers' Compensation Claim (DWC 1) form within one business day of the injury, if the injury is beyond "first aid." There is not a requirement to give the volunteer a Workers' Compensation Claim Form (DWC 1) for a first aid injury, unless the volunteer requests the form. 
  • Email a copy of the UCLA Incident Report & Referral for Medical Treatment and Claim Form for each volunteer injury to the Insurance and Risk Management at: wcreports@irm.ucla.eduas soon as it has been completed.

Note: General Liability: Qualified volunteers may be covered by the University's self-insured General Liability Program, BUS 81 when the volunteer is acting within the course and scope of his duties as such, but only insofar as The Regents elect to have them included with respect to a particular claim or suit. This means that the determination about whether a volunteer is covered under BUS 81 is made only after a claim is made or a lawsuit is filed.