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Loss Control & Training Programs

What is Loss Control?

Losses arising from Workers' Compensation and Liability exposures (an employee who is injured at work; a visitor who slips and falls) can be controlled to a great degree. Employees must manage the risks associated with their unit operations in order to prevent property damage and injuries, which in turn helps to control the associated costs.


How does Loss Control work?

Loss control is a simple risk management process which helps units to eliminate or reduce losses. The example below discusses the steps in the left column, and applies them in the right column.

Loss Control Example: The Sliced Bagel

Examining the Loss Control Steps

1. Identify a loss.This is done through reviewing losses after they occur or targeting an area and observing the potential for a loss before it occurs.

2.  Examine alternatives.

  • Eliminate the loss exposure.
  • Keep the exposure but try to avoid losses.
  • Reduce the severity of the losses that do occur.
  • Transfer the possibility of any loss to another party.

Applying the Loss Control Steps

1. You have identified that employees have cut themselves slicing bagels (prior loss), or given the sharp knife and awkward hand posture you have observed, you suspect that a loss will occur.

2. Examine alternatives.

  • Eliminate the loss - do not serve bagels.
  • Keep the exposure but try to avoid losses - buy a bagel cutter and train employees to use it properly.
  • Reduce the severity of the losses - if after the training an employee gets hurt, have first aid materials handy
  • Transfer the possibility of any loss -purchase pre-sliced bagels.

Does my area need loss control? How do I get started?

IRM's staff has the expertise to help your unit conduct a loss control analysis of your operations and help you formulate loss control solutions before and after a loss occurs. IRM can help you target loss control efforts by providing your unit with a history of reported claims and their associated costs. You can get started by contacting any of the IRM Program Managers.

What type of training is offered by IRM?

IRM offers training in loss control, claim reporting and risk management. Loss control training is done in conjunction with EH&S (Environment, Health & Safety). IRM can also coordinate specialized evaluation and training in ergonomics through the UCLA Ergonomics Program.

Claim reporting training is available for supervisors responsible for coordinating Workers' Compensation injuries in their unit. Risk management training is available through IRM's Staff Development course, and also on a custom basis for units with specialized needs.

Please contact any of the IRM Program Managers listed in the Staff & Resources Directory for further information on training.