Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Training

Child abuse and neglect are a serious concern and the University must provide an environment that is safe and protects children on University premises or activities in programs conducted by the University.

UCLA’s Insurance & Risk Management (IRM) Office communicates the availability of training opportunities for Mandated Reporters and others involved in programs with minors. IRM has partnered with Praesidium Services to provide online training child abuse and neglect training.

While this training is not required by policy or statue, it is highly recommended. However, a department must identify UCLA Mandatory Reporters who must sign an acknowledgment form attesting that they understand their obligations under CANRA (UCLA Policy 136)

To Enroll in the Training

  • Employees with Access to LMS:
    • Search for "CANRA" to find the California Mandated Reporter Training and additional training courses on the topic of preventing abuse and neglect.
  • Those Without Access to LMS: