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Winter Circle of Excellence Award

Winter Circle of Excellence Award Winners

Congratulations (and thank you) to the Winter Circle of Excellence Award Winners:

  • UCLA Transportation – Mobility Planning & Traffic Systems (David Karwaski, Marcos Fuentes, Abdallah Daboussi)
  • Facilities Management, Space Inventory Services (Jill Quezada, Amit Singh)
  • Facilities Management, Information Systems, Geographic Information Systems (David Yamamoto)

The work of these departments during recent power outages and fires allowed the University to:

  • Anticipate staffing needs due to road closures and fire evacuations and provide a warning to affected departments and activate telecommute plans.  
  • Identify and notify facilities in High Risk Fire Areas to update their continuity plans.
  • Update map layers and geocode UCLA Facilities in UC Ready.

The Circle of Excellence Award is a biannual award to recognize the departments that have contributed significantly to the business continuity capabilities of the University.