How To Add A Contingent Worker to UCPath

Refer to the CRU and UCPath pay processing calendars to determine the deadlines for submitting template transactions.
STEP 1 – Create Position
  • If not already available, create the position for the appropriate CWR job code.
Follow these step-by-step instructions to Initiate New Position Control Request in UCPath.
Note: CWR positions can be single head count or multiple head count as they are not represented or part of the permanent budget.
  1. Navigate to Position Control (PeopleSoft Menu > UC Customizations > UC Extensions > Position Control Request)
  2. Enter the following information:
  • Effective Date: Enter the effective date for the transaction. Note: Do not use the same date as the job effective date. Best practice: enter at least 30 days prior to job effective date.
  • Status: Active (default)
  • Reason: NEW (default)
  • Position Status: Approved (default)
  • Job Code: Select the appropriate CWR job code.
  • Full/Part Time: Variable
  • Union: Enter ZZZ – No Union code-CWR
  • Department: Enter the department code the CWR should be associated with
  • Location: Accept the default from Department or select the appropriate location from the dropdown
  • Reports To: Enter the position number of the Reports To
  • Salary Admin Plan: Leave Blank
  • Salary Grade: Leave Blank
  • Max Head Count: Enter the number of incumbents to be added to the position
  • FTE: Enter the appropriate FTE
  • HR Worksite: Enter N – No I9 Integration Required
  • Employee Relations Code: Not applicable – Contingent Wk
  • Submit for approval
Note: You may get the following warning message, simply select “OK” to submit.

Figure 1- Position Control CWR warning message
STEP 2 – Submit Add CWR POSN Template
  • Add your Contingent Worker/s into the new position/s
Follow these step-by-step instructions to Initiate Add Contingent Worker (With Position) Template Transaction
  1. Navigate to Smart HR Transactions (PeopleSoft Menu > Workforce Administration > Smart HR Template > Smart HR Transactions)
  2. Enter the following information:
  • Template: UC_ADD_CWR_POSN
  • Effective Date: Enter effective date for the transaction
  • Reason Code: Add Contingent Worker (default)
  • Name: Required
  • Date of Birth: Required for campus UID creation
  • National ID (SSN): Essential for campus UID creation unless CWR is a foreign national and has not been issued a Social Security Number. If the CWR has not been issued an SSN, leave this field blank and note why in the Initiator Comments section. 
  • Person Phone Number:
  • Person Email Address: A “Home” email is required
  • Patent Acknowledgement Sign Dt: Enter the date if paper completed. Note: CWRs are required to complete the paper or electronic Patent Acknowledgment.
  • UC External System ID: Always leave this section blank
  • Position Number: Enter the Position Number of the CWR Position (ex. CWR003, CWR015, CWR020, etc.) you created as part of Step 1 of this process
  • Employee Classification: Select “13” if Staff CWR job code or “14” if an Academic CWR job code
  • Expected Job End Date: Enter the end date of the CWR job
  • Initiators Comments: Enter the appropriate comments for the transaction
  • Save and Submit
Any questions pertaining to transacting in UCPath can be directed to the Central Resource Unit as a case here.