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In the Event of a Lawsuit

In the event of a campus department or UC employee is served with a lawsuit/complaint that arises out of employment with the University, please contact the General Liability Program Manager at IRM immediately for assistance. IRM will need the date the lawsuit/complaint was served and the method of service (by mail or in person).

Once IRM is notified of lawsuit service, the case will be reviewed and assigned to defense counsel and our third party administrator for investigation and handling. IRM will contact the campus department and UC employee(s) to advise them of the next steps. A 'Notice of University Litigation' letter will be sent out to the campus department which explains the litigation process and what to expect. IRM will then set a 'Coordination Meeting' with all the key players to discuss the case. It is essential that the campus department secures all written documents, Electronically Stored Information (ESI), equipment or products associated with this lawsuit. Do not destroy or purge any notes, files, photographs, audiotapes or other materials that are associated with this lawsuit.