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Deductible Schedule

Departments with administrative responsibility for the area in which the claim occurred are responsible for the deductibles.  Deductibles are not assigned on the basis of fault but on the basis of administrative ability to implement risk management interventions.

Deductibles are applied to claim settlements or judgments.  Deductibles are not applied to claim costs and fees.  In addition to payment of a judgment or settlement, a department will also be asked to implement corrective measures to avoid similar future claims or lawsuits.


General Liability  

20% of the total; minimum $500; maximum $50,000

Employment Practice Liability       

20% of the total; minimum $7,500; maximum $50,000

Auto Liability      


Auto Property Damage $500 per occurrence

Buildings and University Property

$1,000 for most losses

Notable exceptions:
Water losses: 10% of the total; minimum $5,000; no maximum
Fire losses: $5,000
Non-forced entry losses: $5,000

Scheduled Fine Arts

$1,000 for most losses

Notable exception:
Earthquake losses: $10,000

Marine Property

$1,000 for most losses

Notable exceptions:
$100 for trailers
$250 for oars

Please note that not all losses are covered by the UC program.  Contact the General Liability Program Manager with any questions about deductibles.