Travel Security & Health Coverage Benefits

Details the travel insurance benefits for faculty, staff and students traveling out of state and abroad.

Travel accident insurance benefits are available for employees traveling on official University business and for students traveling off campus for activities that are sponsored and supervised by the University. In addition to typical coverage for accidental death and dismemberment, the policy includes coverage for emergency medical evacuation, out-of-country medical expenses, loss of personal effects, security extraction and repatriation of remains.


Our travel partners include Ace Insurance Company, Euro Assist, and iJet.  iJet provides real time intelligence and travel alerts designed to keep the traveler well informed through a system called Worldcue TRAVELER.  Registered UC travelers will receive direct e-mail notices from iJET/Worldcue regarding political unrest, natural disasters, war activities, health warnings, etc.

Who Is Covered? 

Employees traveling out of state or overseas on official University business are covered worldwide, 24 hours a day. The benefits extend to their spouses, domestic partners, children and companions traveling with them.

Students traveling out of state or overseas who are participating in off-campus activities sponsored and supervised by the University are covered worldwide, 24 hours a day. The benefits extend to their spouses, domestic partners, children and companions traveling with them.

Coverage Benefits

Benefits are provided at no cost to eligible University travelers, and there is no need to purchase a separate trip policy. Coverage includes:

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation. If you are injured or become ill and cannot be treated locally, ACE will provide emergency transportation to the nearest hospital where you can be treated.
  • Out-of-Country Medical Expenses. If you are overseas and need to be treated because you are sick or injured, this coverage will pay your medical expenses minus a $50 deductible.
  • Security Extraction. If you are in a dangerous situation outside of your control, ACE will work to get you out of danger.
  • Travel Assistance Services. If you need to find a hospital, lose your passport or need temporary financial assistance, you can call ACE for help.
  • Loss of Personal Effects
  • Customized Travel Intelligence


Registration for Travel Insurance

Accurate information on travel plans is needed in order to deliver the services and protections the travel insurance policy offers. As such, all employees on University business and students participating in UC-sponsored programs traveling out of state or overseas are required to register their travel plans prior to departure. 

Register using the UC TRIPS Insurance form or make your travel arrangements through the UC Travel Center. All arrangements booked through the UC Travel Center will automatically be routed to iJet for international travel alerts and on to ACE for registration.

You will receive a Confirmation of Coverage card after registering. Carry the card during your trip; it will help you obtain services. Upon registration, you'll also receive a list of telephone numbers for medical emergency care or travel assistance.

Personal Travel

The UC Personal Travel Program offers two travel plan options designed to integrate insurance benefits with valuable travel assistance services to help provide the extra protection you need while traveling far from home.

This program is not affiliated with any University provided employee benefit and the University is not making any recommendation. As with any commercial travel insurance you purchase, the traveler is responsible for paying the premium, arranging for any travel assistance services, and resolving any claim or coverage issues and disputes directly with the carrier.

Find out more about the Blue and Gold plan options, enroll in UC Personal Travel Insurance, and register your trip to receive real-time travel alerts at:

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