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2015 UCLA Safety Awareness Campaign: Protect Your Back

Protect Your Back

Whether you are an office worker moving reams of copy paper, a food service worker stocking boxes of bananas, a carpenter handling bulky sheets of plywood or a custodian making beds,  you are using your back.  Our back is an amazing structure that allows us to play sports, drive a car and do our jobs. Nevertheless, we take our back for granted even though we need a healthy back for everyday activities such as walking, sitting, standing and LIFTING.  If you’ve experienced back pain you know that lifting something as simple as a glass of water can be challenging… and painful!!  A well balanced diet, proper posture and safe lifting techniques can have a lasting impact when it comes to back injury prevention.  However, if we don’t take care of our back we are vulnerable to injury. 

Back Injuries consistently rank as one of the top three injuries that occur across the UCLA campus. They account for approximately 20% of all injuries reported at UCLA. One back injury can result in extensive lost time away from work and cost thousands of dollars in medical expenses.  A review of Bureau of Labor statistical data showed that on average a back injury results in 8 lost days from work.  A serious back injury can result in an employee being unable to work for weeks or even months and could involve surgery.   Considering that UCLA represents one of the densest campuses in the country boasting more than 37,000 students and over 23,000 faculty and staff it is vital that we increase our awareness of safety and back injury prevention. 

With that in mind, Environment, Health and Safety along with Insurance and Risk Management and Cultural Arts and Recreation are collaborating on a Safety Awareness Campaign, “PROTECT  YOUR  BACK”.  The campaign will run through the end of December.  We will educate employees about the dangers of improper lifting and promote the four vital lifting principles:

Lifting Examples

PROTECT YOUR BACK -  Be in the Moment.  Think before you lift. 

Learn more about these lifting principles and back safety by visiting UCLA Environment Health & Safety at: 


Arrange for hands on training by contacting UCLA Recreation’s FITWELL Services at:


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